Final Project

This is my final project! Pastee-Freez!

The name is a twist on the restaurant chain called Tastee-Freez. Pastee-Freez is a paste based restaurant chain. For my project I created a series of GIFs that are over on my Twitter along with a tweet with the company logo.

I created my GIFs using Giphy and I created the logo using Gimp. I tried to stay close to the original logo but change it to fit the fictional company. I changed the ice cream cone to a tube of ice cream paste and created a letter P that resembles the style of the other letters in the logo. For my GIFs I recorded some footage around my workplace and at my house that would work for the company. As this is a fictional company I portrayed the restaurant chain to be unappealing. A restaurant chain based on paste isn’t the most pleasant idea so I wanted the company’s media to reflect that.

Twitter: @gannon1980s

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