One of my tasks for this week was to do a DesignBlitz. I had to find 6 good examples of design elements and 2 bad ones.

Here’s the good ones:

I thought this poster I recently created has a good use of line.

This is a part of the typeface project I’ve been working on for one of my other classes. I think it’s a good example of typography design.


I thought Gatorades design was a great use of color. They leave the lightning bolt clear so the color can be filled in by the color of the drink.


I thought one of the campus shirts used space well in the design by having art going around the roots of the tree.


Greeting cards like this often use texture to enhance the design of the card. This one uses glitter and beads.


These road signs make good use of shape to help drivers understand the roads they drive on.

Here are the bad examples:


I think the Nintendo Switch dock design is very lacking in color and could be better executed.


This sign advertising a sale just used nothing but plain text on yellow paper with no use of typography that would attract a consumers eye.

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