Everything is a Remix Reflection

Copyright and patent laws are a big deal in the world today. Everything is a Remix explains everything about it. I believe that creators view copyright as a roadblock that they have to try and find a way around to be able to create their works. The opposite point of view is most likely held by large corporations or other creators that have people trying to build off of their creations. Copyright shuts down a lot of people’s ideas for creations. Some might see no way to bring their ideas to life because of copyright laws.

Things to consider when repurposing other’s work might include not using the same places, names or events that are in someone else’s work and avoiding taking material directly from the original work. A risky approach to adapting a work would be taking directly from the source material in a way that is clear to anyone consuming your work that you took it from there.

This semester I plan on drawing inspiration for my work from other works while staying far enough away from the other works so my work can’t be seen as copied.

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