ds106 Radio & This American Life Podcast Reflection

Last Wednesday I tuned into ds106 Radio. I started listening a couple minutes late and since it was my first time tuning in I was sort of confused by what was going on. After reading some of the live-tweets that others were sending out I figured out we were all listening to a podcast that was making excellent use of sound to tell a story. With every sentence the narrator spoke the background noise reflected the setting and gave me a better understanding of the scene.

I also listened to part of a podcast called This American Life. The section of the podcast that I listened to was telling a story about a man named Michael Larson and how he won a lot of money on the game show Press Your Luck. The use of sound in the storytelling was very good. The ambient noise used during different parts of the story fit the atmosphere and helped me visualize the scenes in my mind.

Both of these listening experiences were a great help in understanding how using just audio can be a great way to tell a story.

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