Photography Tips

While I’m by no means a pro at photography, there are a few basic tips about photography that I know are extremely helpful when trying to get good photos.

The first tip is using the Rule of Thirds. I learned this back in high school when I started taking a video production class. The rule is simple: break your shot into 9 different equal sections and where the lines meet is where the focal point of your shot should be.

The second tip I know is to use backgrounds that don’t distract from the focus of the photo. If things are going on in the background of the photo, then the viewer will be distracted by that and not focus on the main point of the photo.

My last tip would be practice. Buying an expensive camera or new lenses won’t make your photos better. The only way to get better with any skill is to practice it and try new things. Most people have cameras built into their phones and if you’re new to photography then using a phone camera will work great for your needs.

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