Week 3 – Shape of Stories

This week had pretty simple tasks but they still kept me busy.

For starters I went onto Twitter and participated in some Daily Create activities. My twitter handle is @gannon1980s

After that I watched a couple videos. One was over good forms of storytelling and the other was over how we use the web and the web uses us. Both of these videos were good tools to help understand storytelling and using the web for storytelling. The first video had Kurt Vonnegut talking about how people like structures of stories. This helped me understand that a lot of good stories are structured in a way that appeals to people. The second video showed how the web uses us to categorize everything on it and we use it and it’s categorizing to find things on it.

Next I visited the ds106 writing assignment bank and did 10 stars worth of assignments and made a blog post with my results. That can be found here:


Finally, I located a couple resources for improving writing. I made a blog post about them here:


Overall, I think this week’s assignments have helped me and the way write quite a bit. Researching and finding advice helped me find better ways to make writing.

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