ds106 Writing Assignments

One of my assignments this week was to complete 10 stars worth of assignments in the writing section of the ds106 assignment bank.

This week I completed:

assignments.ds106.us/assignments/instagram-is-done-describe-your-lunch-to-me/ (3.5 stars)

For lunch today I made a sandwich. This sandwich was made with rotisserie seasoned sliced chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, mayonnaise and lettuce on two slices of wheat bread. I made the sandwich in this order: slice of wheat bread, mayonnaise, sliced chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, lettuce and finally topped with the second slice of wheat bread. The bread was the standard brown color of wheat bread. The chicken breast slices were white in color with the edges being red/orange due to the rotisserie seasoning. The lettuce was a nice green and white color. The pepper jack cheese was white with spots of peppers.

assignments.ds106.us/assignments/haiku-about-you/ (2.5 stars)


around every corner

ideas are made

This haiku is about my ability to think of many creative ideas.

assignments.ds106.us/assignments/best-assignment/ (2 stars)

My favorite assignment from ds106 is the daily creates. They are a fun way to interact with the community. The best thing about them is that they don’t take much time to complete and it engages you with the community of others that enjoy doing the tasks. The 80s ones are a great way to discover media that others have seen from that era that you haven’t.

assignments.ds106.us/assignments/your-last-words/ (2.5 stars)

I would imagine when I die it would be from some disease that my body would be too old and weak to fight off anymore. I would be in a hospital bed being treated for the disease. I would be surrounded by friends and family and I would want my last words to be about how much I care for them. I would like to let them know how great they have made my life.

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